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Professional Development for

Schools and School Districts

Schools, day care centers and after-school programs often struggle to include students with special needs while continuing to meet the needs of all students.  Simply placing students in a class and hoping for the best is not enough.  That is not inclusion!  Many administrators know that students with disabilities do better when they have access  to the general education curriculum.  Few, however, have the ability to coach teachers in this area. Personalized coaching and professional development can help teachers become expert inclusive teachers.   

Professional development sessions are based on research-based practices and methodologies.  They can be customized to meet the needs of individual schools, school districts and community partners. 

  • The Power of Inclusion (What does Inclusion mean to non-disabled students?  What does the research say about inclusion? What does it look like?)

  • So You Think You've Tried Inclusion?  (What are the research-based practices that lead to success?)

  • How to Differentiate in the General Education Class?

  • Co-teaching: Models and Theory

  • Co-teaching: The Arranged Marriage

  • How to Evaluate and Coach Co-teachers

  • Universal Design for Learning (How to design lessons that allow EVERY student in the general education class to thrive)

  • Executive Functioning Supports for Students

  • How to Write an Inclusive IEP

  • How to Support Challenging Behaviors in the General Education Classroom

  • The Role of the Paraprofessional in the Inclusive Class

  • How to Support Students Who Have Intensive Needs in the General Education Class

On-Site Coaching for Teachers and Paraprofessionals

While Professional Development is useful for getting information out, research supports on-going-coaching to facilitate changes in teacher practice. Coaching sessions include observations, debriefing and creating manageable action plans to improve practice.  Coaching cycles are developed according to need and availability.  

Creating School-Wide Action Plans Administrative Support and Coaching 

Creating inclusive learning environments takes time and thoughtful planning.  Assessing the strengths of the school staff and developing timelines for implementing changes can set your school up for successful outcomes.  Action plans are developed with the administrative team and include research-based practices.  Each school has a unique road map that will guide them to their ultimate goal:  allowing students with disabilities to access the general education curriculum in a way that benefits ALL students.

Contact me for a full list of presentations, on-site coaching, book studies, workshops and fee listings.  239-887-1459
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